Cleric Spell List

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Spell Name Comp Description
Create Water Replaced by create element.
Create Element Create a small amount of patron element.
Detect Element Detect presence of element.
Bless Element Makes holy element.
Bless Water Replaced by bless element.
Cooling Canopy Summons a cloud to provide shade and prevent dehydration.
Curse Element M Makes unholy element.
Curse Water Replaced by curse element.
Heat Lash Creature suffers 1d4+1 damage and is knocked back 5 ft.
Return to the Earth Turns dead and undead bodies into dust.
Eye of the Storm Protects 30 ft. radius from effects of storm for 1 hour/level.
Lighten Load Increases Strength for carrying capacity only.
Sand Pit Excavates sand in a 30 ft. wide and 50 ft. deep cone.
Surface Walk Subject treads on unstable surfaces as if solid.
Water Breathing Replaced by worm's breath.
Water Walking Replaced by surface walk.
Worm's Breath Subjects can breathe underwater, in silt or earth.
Control Tides Raises, lowers, or parts bodies of water or silt.
Control Water Replaced by control tides.
Curse of the Black Sands Target leaves black oily footprints.
Elemental Armor Armor or shield gains enhancement bonus and special quality.
Elemental Weapon Weapon gains enhancement bonus and special quality.
Sand Spray Sprays sand or silt as an area attack.
Cleansing Flame 1d6/level fire damage (max 10d6).
Elemental Strike Smites foes with 1d6/level of divine and elemental energy (max. 15d6).
Flame Strike Replaced by elemental strike.
Ragestorm M Summons a storm with high winds, hail, and lightning.
Rangeblade Can strike with melee weapons at a distance.
Braxatskin Your skin hardens, granting armor bonus and damage reduction.
Rejuvenate Increase the fertility of the land.
Infestation Tiny parasites infect creatures within area.
Elemental Chariot Enhances chariot with elemental effects.
Sands of Time DF Reverses or accelerates aging of a non–living object.
Unliving Identity M Transforms a zombie into a thinking zombie.
Elemental Storm Deals 1d6 energy damage/level.
Fire Storm Replaced by elemental storm.
Greater Elemental Chariot As elemental chariot, but with greater effects.
Heartseeker Creates a deadly piercing weapon.