Concentrate Water

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Discipline Psychokinesis
Level Psion/wilder 2
Display Material and visual
Manifesting Time 1 round
Range 30ft
Area 30–ft radius burst centered on you
Duration Instantaneous
Saving Throw None
Power Resistance No
Power Points 3

Focusing on your Nexus, you cause all moisture around you to coalesce in front of you and form a small pool of potable water.

You draw all moisture within the area of effect as water in a single container. The amount collected depends on the local terrain type.

Terrain Type Water Collected
Obsidian Waste Water cannot be drawn
Dust Sink 1d3 –2 gallons (minimum 0).
Salt Flats
Sandy Wastes
Rocky Badlands 1d4–1 gallons (minimum 1).
Stony Barrens
Boulder Fields
Mountains 1d6–1 gallons (minimum 1).
Scrub Plains
Mudflats 1d8 +1 gallons.
Salt Marshes
Verdant Belts

You must hold the container while manifesting this power. If the container is too small to hold the water collected, or if it is leaky, the excess spills onto the ground.

The power only collects uncollected vapor and droplets around the caster. Free standing water in a glass, pool, or other container is not collected. It does not adversely affect plants or animals in the area. The drying effect on any local flora becomes evident in the next few days, but most plants can survive the temporary loss of ground moisture.