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General Feats
Feat Name Category Prerequisites Benefit
Ancestral Knowledge General Int 13, Knowledge (history) 10 ranks +10 bonus on Knowledge (history) and bardic knowledge checks on selected time period.
Antidote Brewer General Craft (alchemy) 5 ranks Receive a +4 bonus on Craft (alchemy) checks
Arena Clamor General Cha 13, Improved Critical, Perform 5 ranks Allies receive +2 morale bonus on attack rolls whenever you confirm a critical hit
Bard's Critical Poison Craft (alchemy) 5 ranks, base attack bonus +5 Increase your poison’s save DC on a critical hit
Breath Control General Con 13 +4 bonus on saves against inhaled poisons
Brutal Attack General Cha 13, Improved Critical, Perform 5 ranks Enemies become shaken whenever you confirm a critical hit
Bug Trainer General Handle Animal 5 ranks, Knowledge (nature) 5 ranks Use Handle Animal skill on vermin
Combat Taint General Dex 13, Sleight of Hand 5 ranks +4 bonus on Sleight of Hand checks to apply poison to a light melee weapon without being noticed
Commanding Presence General Diplomacy 7 ranks, Knowledge (warcraft) 5 ranks New use for the Knowledge (warcraft) skill
Communal Bard General +2 bonus on Craft (alchemy) and Knowledge (local) checks
Cornered Fighter General Base attack bonus +5 +2 bonus on attack rolls and AC when flanked
Defender of the Land General Wild shape class feature +1 caster level and +1 damage per die when on guarded land
Delay Poison Poison Wis 15, Craft (alchemy) 9 ranks Delay the initial damage for your poisons
Dissimulated General Int 13, Cha 13, Bluff 5 ranks Add Intelligence modifier on Bluff checks
Drake's Child General Str 13, Wis 13 +1 bonus to Will and Fortitude saves and against various effects
Elemental Affinity General Cha 13, Channel Energy Spend turn attempt to receive a +4 sacred bonus in Fortitude saves against energy attack
Elemental Cleansing General Ability to Channel Energy Undead you turn take 2d6 points of energy damage
Elemental Might General Str 13, Channel Energy, Power Attack Spend turn attempt to add your Cha bonus as energy damage to weapon for 1 round
Elemental Vengeance General Channel Energy, Extra Channel Spend turn attempt to add 2d6 points of energy damage to all melee attacks against undead
Faithful Follower General +5 morale bonus against fear effects when close to ally with Leadership feat
Fearsome General Str 15 Use Str modifier on Intimidate checks
Field Officer General +2 bonus on Diplomacy and Knowledge (warcraft) checks
Greasing the Wheels General Cha 13, Diplomacy 7 ranks, Knowledge (local) 5 ranks New use for the Diplomacy skill
Hard as Rock General Con 15, Diehard, Great Fortitude Immune to massive damage death and 30% stabilizing on your own
Improved Familiar General Acquire new familiar from a nonstandard list
Improved Sigil General Sigil ability, Diplomacy 9 ranks Use two 1st-level spells as spell-like ability
Improviser General Wis 13, base attack bonus +3 –1 penalty on attack rolls when using improvised weapons
Innate Hunter General Track, Survival 5 ranks +4 bonus on Survival checks involving hunt and +1 insight bonus on attack rolls against animals
Kiltektet General All Knowledge skills are class skills for you
Linguist General Add Speak Language to class list and 2 additional languages
Mask Poison Signature Poison Craft (alchemy) 7 ranks Increase the DC to identify your poisons by 4
Mastyrial Blood General Con 13 +4 bonus on saving throws against poison
Path Dexter General Preserver +1 caster level when casting certain spells
Path Sinister General Defiler +1 caster level when casting certain spells
Poison Longevity Poison Craft (alchemy) 10 ranks Affect two targets with one dose of poison
Poison Specialist General Craft (alchemy) 5 ranks Reduce the Craft DC for three poisons of your choice
Poison Use General Craft (alchemy) 3 ranks Apply poisons without the risk of poisoing yourself
Poison Miser General Poison Use, base attack bonus +7 Poison two blades with one dose of poison
Protective General Gear on your person gets a +4 bonus to saving throws
Psionic Mimicry General Bluff 8 ranks, Knowledge (psionics) 4 ranks, Psicraft 4 ranks. Disguise your spells as psionic powers by making a Psicraft check
Psionic Schooling General One psionic class becomes a favored class for you
Raised by Beasts General Gain wild empathy with animals of a certain kind
Secular Authority General Cha 13, Diplomacy 6 ranks, Negotiator, accepted into templarate Four new uses for the Diplomacy skill
Favorite General Diplomacy 10 ranks Use secular authority four more times per day than normal
Signature Poison General Craft (alchemy) 13 ranks Increase your poison’s save DC by reducing the DC to identify it
Superior Blessing General Channel Energy, Extra Channel Spend turn attempt to duplicate the potency of your blessed element
Sniper General Dex 13, Hide 1 rank +5 bonus to Hide checks when firing missiles while trying to stay hidden
Trader General +2 bonus to Appraise and Bluff checks
Undetectable Poison Poison Craft (alchemy) 7 ranks Your poisons do not alter the taste or smell of food
War Beast Fighting General Dex 13, Balance 5 ranks Your cover improves while riding on driks and undead war beetles, and you sufffer reduced penalties to ranged fire
Wastelander General +1 bonus to Fortitude saves and +2 bonus to Survival checks
Combat Feats
Feat Name Category Prerequisites Benefit
Concentrated Fire Combat Base attack bonus +1 Add a +1 bonus to attack rolls for every other participant who fires at the same target
Implacable Defender Combat Str 13, base attack bonus +3 +2 bonus to resist bull rush, overrun, or trip attempts
Intimidating Presence Combat Cha 13, Intimidate 7 ranks Demoralize a number of opponents per round equal to Charisma modifier
Inspiring Presence Combat Cha 13 Add bonus to Will saves equal to your Cha modifier
Manythrow Combat Dex 15, Sleight of Hand 5 ranks, Weapon Finesse, BAB +6. Throw two or more daggers, flying daggers, or darts simultaneously
Rotate Lines Combat Base attack bonus +3 You can swap positions with an ally within 5 ft.
Shield Wall Combat Base attack bonus +2, Shield Proficiency +1 circumstance bonus to AC if forming a row facing the same direction
Spear Wall Combat Base attack bonus +1 Triple damage on a hit against charging opponents
Tactical Expertise Combat Knowledge (warcraft) 7 ranks Use coordinate allies as standard action
Teamwork Combat Base attack bonus +1 Aid ally as a move action
Item Creation Feats
Feat Name Category Prerequisites Benefit
Brew Potion Item Creation Caster level 3rd On Athas, potions take many different forms.
Scribe Scroll Item Creation Caster level 1st On Athas, scrolls take many different forms.
Psionic Feats
Feat Name Category Prerequisites Benefit
Elemental Manifestation Psionic Access to domain spells, manifester level 3rd + 2 to save DC of power with same descriptor as patron element
Focused Mind Psionic Int 13 +2 bonus on Appraisal, Decipher Script and Search checks
Improved Hidden Talent Psionic Cha 12, Hidden Talent, character level 3rd Increase Hidden Talent manifester level
Greater Hidden Talent Psionic Cha 13, character level 5th Gain additional psionic powers
Improved Dwarven Focus Psionic Dwarf +2 morale bonus on related checks while actively pursuing focus
Improved Elf Run Psionic Elf + 15 feet to speed while in elf run state
Jump Charge Psionic Psionic Fist or Psionic Weapon, Jump 8 ranks Increase the damage dealt by Psionic Weapon or Psionic Fist when jumping
Pterran Telepathy Psionic Pterran, missive psi-like ability Use missive with humanoid creatures
Raze Feats
Feat Name Category Prerequisites Benefit
Agonizing Radius Raze Defiler Increase the penalties within defiling radius by 1
Sickening Raze Raze Agonizing Radius Creatures within your defiling radius become nauseated
Controlled Raze Raze Defiler Specify area of your defiling circle that is unaffected by defiling
Distance Raze Raze Defiler Move the center of your defiling circle
Destructive Raze Raze Defiler Add +1 damage per damage die inflicted by evocation spells when defiling
Efficient Raze Raze Defiler Treat the terrain you gather energy as one category better
Exterminating Raze Raze Defiler Plant creatures caught in defiling radius suffer 4 points of damage per spell level
Fast Raze Raze Defiler Spend move action to gain a +1 caster level bonus when defiling
Razing Craft Raze Defiler Create staves and wands whose spells are powered by defiling
Racial Feats
Feat Name Category Prerequisites Benefit
Active Glands General, Racial Thri-kreen Use poisonous bite two additional times per day
Advanced Antennae General, Racial Thri-kreen Gain the Scent ability
Blend General, Racial Thri-kreen Bonus on Hide checks in sandy or arid terrain is increased by +3
Blessed by the Ancestors General, Racial Thri-kreen +1 bonus on all saves
Cannibalism Ritual General, Racial Wis 13, halfling Perform ritual to gain +2 bonus on one physical ability
Tikchak General, Racial Thri-kreen, character level 5th Receive a bonus on Survival checks when hunting equal to Wis modifier
Dwarven Vision General, Racial Mul Gain darkvision up to 60 ft.
Elfeater General, Racial Thri-kreen Gain a +2 bonus on selected skills against elves. Get a +1 bonus on attack rolls and a +2 bonus to confirm critical hits
Improved Gyth’sa General, Racial Thri-kreen, Con 13 Heal wounds at twice the normal rate
Tikchak General, Racial Thri-kreen, character level 5th Receive a bonus on Survival checks when hunting equal to Wis modifier. Gain proficiency with the chatkcha
Tokchak General, Racial Thri-kreen +1 bonus to Reflex saves to allies adjacent to you
Regional Feats
Feat Name Category Prerequisites Benefit
Artisan General, Regional Nibenay, Raam, Urik +3 bonus on Concentration checks and one Craft skill check
Astrologer General, Regional Draj, Nibenay +3 bonus to Knowledge (nature) and +5 bonus to Survival checks
Companion General, Regional Kurn, Tyr +3 bonus when using aid another action
Disciplined General, Regional Dwarf, Urik +1 bonus to Will saves and +3 bonus to Concentration checks
Freedom General, Regional Tyr Gain extra move or standard action
Giant Killer General, Regional Sea of Silt +4 bonus to critical rolls and +2 dodge bonus to AC when fighting giants
Jungle Fighter General, Regional Gulg, Forest Ridge +2 dodge bonus to AC when fighting in forests
Legerdemain General, Regional Elf, Salt View +3 bonus to Open Locks and Sleight of Hand checks
Mansabdar General, Regional Raam +3 bonus to Intimidate checks and +1 bonus to Fortitude saves
Mekillothead General, Regional Draj, mul +1 bonus to Will saves and +3 bonus to Intimidate checks
Metalsmith General, Regional Dwarf, Tyr No penalty to Craft checks when crafting items from metal
Nature’s Child General, Regional Gulg, halfling +3 bonus on Knowledge (nature) and Survival checks
Paranoid General, Regional Eldaarich +3 bonus on Sense Motive checks and +1 bonus to Reflex saves
Performance Artist General, Regional Nibenay, Balic, Salt View +3 bonus to Perform checks and Knowledge (local) checks
Tarandan Method General, Regional Raam Add 2 to the save DC of powers from your discipline