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Discipline Psychokinesis
Level Psion/wilder 4
Display Material and olfactory
Manifesting Time 1 standard action
Range Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target 1 metallic object of up to 25 lb./level
Duration 1 round/level (D)
Saving Throw None
Power Resistance Yes
Power Points 7

A strong smell of rust can be felt as the metallic object you pointed takes on a pulsating glow.

You can change the magnetic orientation of a mundane metal object, strongly magnetizing it to all metal objects within 20 feet. The targeted object can be made to attract to or repel all metal objects within the field of influence and is affected according to its size category. Magnetic objects, whether they are being attracted or repelled, move in relation to the target at a rate of 10 feet for each size category difference.

A creature holding or wearing an object under magnetize can make an opposed Strength check (DC equal to the save DC of this power) to retain control of the item. Every round in which metal creatures or creatures wearing metal armor remain within the magnetic field, they must attempt an opposed Strength check (DC equal to the save DC of this power) against the force. If the attracted creature wins this contest, it suffers no ill effects this round. However, if the creature fails, then it becomes immobile, rendering it helpless.

Augment For every 2 additional power points you spend, the weight limit of the target increases by 5 pounds, and the power's save DC increases by 1.