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“Traders cooperate for Profit. Templars form allegiances for Domination. Psions join schools to gain Knowledge. And

raiders band together for Strength. Power comes in many forms, but all who band together seek it - intentionally or unknowingly. Those who join them are caught in a web, for all organizations are tainted with corruption. The Veiled Alliance seeks to overthrow the Sorcerer-Kings and justifies murder in its ranks out of fear for discovery. The elitist Order would deny all other beings the use of psionic power and drive tens of thousands of beings insane. And the first generation dray believe they are children of a god, who has banished them from their homes. Once you realize the secrets of your organization, it is too late, for you are shackled to it. You realize you have traded your freedom for power.”

―The Oracle, Blue Shrine Scrolls

In a Dark Sun campaign, characters may have to deal with intrigue and sabotage as often as with creatures of the Athasian wastelands. The descriptions that follow represent only a few of the many organizations that operate across the Tablelands and beyond. Some can be used as patrons for adventurers, other as opponents. More often, these organizations can be an ally one day, and opponent the next.