Psion/Wilder Power List

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Power Name Aug Description
Aura Reading Reveal personal details about the target.
Bioflexibilty You gain a bonus to Escape Artist checks.
Cast Missile You can launch missiles without a bow or other weapon.
Cause Sleep A Puts 4 HD of creatures into deep slumber.
Cryokinesis You cool a creature or object.
Deflect Strike You psychokinetically deflect the next attack of a creature within range.
Detect Poison, Psionic Detects poison in one creature or object.
Ghost Writing Creatures writing on a distant surface or creature touched.
Hush A Subjects become utterly silent.
Photosynthesis A Transform light into healing.
Psionic Draw Instantly draw a weapon.
Psychic Tracking Track a creature using Psicraft.
Tattoo Animation Animates your tattoos or steals another’s.
Trail of Destruction Detects recent defiling.
Wild Leap A Make an additional leap and gain a bonus to Jump checks.
Alter Self, Psionic A Assume form of a similar creature.
Calm Emotions, Psionic Calms creatures, negating emotion effects.
Concentrate Water Collects water from surrounding area.
Detect Life Reveals living creatures.
Molecular Bonding Temporarily glue two surfaces together.
Pheromone Discharge Vermin react well to you.
Return Missile A Make one weapon return to you after thrown.
Sensory Suppression Victim loses one sense—sight, hearing, smell.
Sever the Tie A Disrupt an undead’s tie to the Gray, damaging or destroying it.
Watcher's Ward A You are aware of creature within the warded area.
Weather Prediction Predicts weather for next 24 hours.
Antidote Simulation A Detoxifies venom in your system.
Beacon A Creates a ball on light that can become much larger with concentration.
Blink, Psionic A You randomly vanish and reappear for 1 round/level.
Lighten Load, Psionic Increases Strength for carrying capacity only.
Mass Manipulation A Alter the weight of a creature or object.
Nerve Manipulation A Disrupts a creature nervous system.
Psionic Sight A Psionic auras become visible to you.
Detonate A Explode one object.
Magnetize A Make metallic object magnetic.
Repugnance Make a creature repugnant to others.
Shadow Jump A Jump into shadow to travel rapidly.
Electroerosion A Create a ray that erodes iron and alloys.
Dimensional Screen Create a shimmering screen that diverts attacks.
Incorporeality A You become incorporeal for 1 round/level.
Mindflame Kills, paralyzes, weakens, or dazes subjects.