Psionic Sight

From Dark Sun Pathfinder
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Discipline Clairsentience
Level Psion/wilder 3
Display Auditory and visual
Manifesting Time 1 standard action
Range Personal
Target You
Duration 1 min./level
Power Points 5

Your eyes become completely blue, revealing all psionic auras within sight.

This power allows you to see psionic auras within 120 feet of you. The effect is similar to that of a detect psionics power, but psionic sight does not require concentration and discerns aura location and strength more quickly. You know the location and strength of all psionic auras within your sight. An aura's strength depends on a power's functioning level or an item's manifester level, as noted in the description of the detect psionics power. If the items or creatures bearing the auras are in line of sight, you can make Psicraft skill checks to determine the discipline of the power involved in each. (Make one check per aura; DC 15 + power level, or 15 + one–half manifester level for a nonpsionic effect.)

If you concentrate on a specific creature within 120 feet of you as a standard action, you can determine whether it has any manifesting or psi–like abilities, and the strength of the most powerful power or psi–like ability the creature currently has available for use.

Augment If you spend 8 additional power points, you automatically know which powers or psionic effects are active upon any individual or object you see.