Ranger Spell List

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Spell Name Comp Description
Cooling Canopy Summons a cloud to provide shade and prevent dehydration.
Nurturing Seeds Makes 10 seeds or cuttings hardy and easy to transplant.
Plant Renewal Brings one plant back from near destruction.
Echo of the Lirr Stuns creatures in a cone.
Footsteps of the Quarry M Track a specific creature or person.
Sting of the Gold Scorpion Enlivens scorpion barb to strike with poison of real scorpion once.
Claws of the Tembo Deals 1d6 Str damage and transfers hp.
Eye of the Storm Protects 30 ft. radius from effects of storm for 1 hour/level.
Surface Walk Subject treads on unstable surfaces as if solid.
Worm's Breath Subjects can breathe underwater, in silt or earth.
Water Breathing Replaced by worm's breath.
Water Walking Replaced by surface walk.