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The Shining City. Built at the base of the Meridia Pillar and founded by Eric Dovetail.


The history of Arasael


Arasael is run by a dual republic. The City Senate and the Country Senate. The Senates will call on citizens to be Judges in the Courts. There is a High court and a low court.

The City Senate

The City Senate has 9 elected officials called Shanu, 3 from each of the 3 major city districts. Shanu are chosen by majority vote by open ballot and are divided into 3 types: Prime, Elder, and Minor. Shanu Prime is top majority voted for that district; The other two, Elder and Minor, are the next majority votes for age categories based off of the individuals race. The Elder category is gernally middle-aged and older and the Minor being younger adults. Each district holds its own election every 3 years with a 9 year term limit within the City Senate. Each district can often have over a dozen citizens vying for a seat as a Shanu. As an open ballot election, some citizens become unwanted Shanu but must to their civic duty and server if they win a seat.