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==Player Characters==
==Player Characters==
[[Aaliyah Amon-Ra]] <i>Matt</i>
[[Aaliyah Amon-Ra]] <i>Matt</i>
[[Eshne Enyayazhi]] <i>Kelly</i>

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Bahlchar (Kobold)

Rimpar (Human)

Ulair the Teacher (Ifrit)

Ronnogh (Shard)

Eric Durson (Half-Elf)

Mandalgov (Dragon)

Lineerue (Drow)

Dornod Molgo (Dwarf)

Katriona (Vampire)

Faelar (Elf)

Myth and Folklore

Zornzin the Kobold explorer

Historical Figures

Saif Al-Samas, Warlord

Player Characters

Aaliyah Amon-Ra Matt Eshne Enyayazhi Kelly