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The Shining City. Built at the base of the Meridia Pillar and founded by Eric Dovetail.


The history of Arasael


Arasael is run by a dual republic known as The Arasaelian Republic. The Intra Murum, the lower branch, and The Portaverit, the higher branch, are the two elected councils that make up the republic legislative. The councils will call on citizens to be Judges in the various courts in Arasael. The lower courts are for minor disputes and crimes ruled by a Judge appointed by the local elected official. The High Court or the Arasaelian Court is for serious crimes and disputes that are decided by a panel of High Judges that where voted in by the Portaverit.

The Intra Murum

The Intra Murum is the lower branch of the Arasaelian Republic and the main form on government for the city proper. It has 9 elected officials called Shanu, 3 from each of the 3 major city districts. Shanu are chosen by majority vote by open ballot and are divided into 3 types: Prime, Elder, and Minor. Shanu Prime is the top majority voted person for that district; The other two, Elder and Minor, are the next majority votes for age categories based off of the individuals race. The Elder category is generally middle-aged and older and the Minor category being younger adults. This offers a wider diversity in government officials that help Each district holds its own election every 3 years with a 9 year term limit within the City Senate. Each district can often have over a dozen citizens vying for a seat as a Shanu. As an open ballot election, some citizens become involuntary Shanu but must to their civic duty and server if they win a seat.