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Map of Teraus

The World of Teraus






The desert region of D'haran is heavily populated by nomadic tribes: the war mongering Orcs in the north, small clans of shepherd Wild Elves to the west and south-east, and the proud Shokan in the south. Tombs of prehistoric Shokan emperors and kings, ruins of ancient cities laid to waste in Mandalgov's War, and long forgotten dragon lairs in the Anderdine Mountains provide a seemingly endless source of wealth for brave treasure seekers and tomb robbers. The merchants of Culraghi have since become specialized in selling these precious trinkets to traders from Meridia, who in turn sell to the nobles and wealthy to adorn their homes. A less exciting but far more lucrative trade good is the manufacture of amber-coal by the hill dwarves in Aatramort which is then distributed across the continent by wild elf merchants.

The forests in the far south are almost entirely populated by timber elves, whos towns speckle the south-east regions. Except for the occasional skirmish by marauding orcs in the arid grasslands, the elves here are largely unbothered by the political climate of the desert, and spend their lives in relative peace, trading timber for amber-coal with their desert cousins. Their only real concern are the strange tales emanating from towns boarding The Dreamlands.

While magical items are routinely dug up from the ruins, wizards are rarely seen in the desert cities; the only practitioners of arcane magic here are the occasional sorcerer or witch. Instead shamans, druids, and rangers are far more common, except on the east coast, where the high elves of Adafær have colonized.

Notable geographical features include: Aatramort, The False Pillars, the Mirror Sea



Great Lakes, The Serpent's Mouth (aka. The Maw), Thieves' Canyon, The Somber Wood, Blowing Bight, The Swamp of Sorrow, The Serpent Spine Mountains

a map of Swynden



Manticore Groves, The Methuselah Tree, Ogre's Tooth



Sefrou Oasis, Ulair's Shade, The Devil's Eye, The Titan's Causeway, Mount Tulunn, Volos Falls, The Shipwright's Saw



The Fingers



Meknes Islands, The Floating Islands Zorile

The North

Sites of Interest

Aside from The Pillars, there are several other notable sites in Teraus.

Airismaa Tree


The Dreamlands

The Ice Spikes

Lacuna Nox


The Prismatic Maze

Starfell, a cube-shaped asteroid of bismuth



Wonders of the World

There are also some notable locations across the world that were created by mortals.

Black Portal

Elven Crafting Hall in Asani

Gnoll Statue

The Grand Library of Chandan Nath

Hanging Gardens

Nox Academy

Tactics School of the Shard

Amaranthine Tower in Iolo



Teraus has a moderate climate, with narrow tropics and small polar masses.

Teraus has two moons