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This is a placeholder until I have the time to format it.

Humanoid* (Half-Construct, base race subtype) (7)

   +2 saves vs disease, mind affecting effects, poison, effects that cause exhaustion or fatigue
   Cannot be raised or resurrected
   Do not eat, breathe, or sleep unless they want to (to gain some benefit)

Size (0*)

   Same as base race

Speed (0 or -1)

   Same as base race

Ability Score Modifiers (0*)

   Same as base race

Standard Language (0)

   Common, Racial language (if any)

Deathless Spirit (3)

   Resist 5 Negative Energy
   No HP loss with negative levels
   +2 to saves vs death effects, negative energy, energy drain, & necromancy spells and spell-like abilities

Darkvision (2)

   Darkvision 60'