Elijah Amon-Ra

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Chillin' bruh


Elijah is the Yang to Aly's Yin. Elijah never really cared that their parents were never around, unlike his sister, Eli knew how to entertain himself. Going outside to lie around and practice with his violin. Thinking of ways to filch another slice of pie from that bakery on the edge of town. Flirting with that farmer's daughter from down the road. Eli became aware of the power he could exert over with people with words very early in his life. A compliment here, a hint there, you could convince anyone of anything if you tried hard enough.

When their mother forced them off the boarding school at the Priory Eli continued to push the boundaries and tempt fate. As one of the few with the aptitude to be a Bard at the Priory it was decided that he would be trained as a Chronicler, one of the lore keepers of the School. Chroniclers were schooled in all of the collective knowledge available to the Priory and tasked with venturing into the world and returning with more knowledge. Knowledge of the undead was the most highly sought after but any type of knowledge was gladly received. As part of their training prospective Chroniclers go through a very rigorous academic program with less emphasis on physical training than your typical recruit would have. Eli tried very hard to present a facade of nonchalance in the face of this opportunity and the wealth of knowledge available and he would often skip classes during the day to cavort with some of the young ladies from town or other recruits and sneak into the stacks at night, devouring book after book. There were few who knew of Eli's nocturnal activities so it came as a surprise when he scored top marks on all of the end of year examinations.

Thus began the rumors that Eli was a genius, a prodigy. That he never studied and yet somehow aced all of the exams when others struggled to pass them after attending classes regularly. Eli of course milked these rumors all he could, playing them up and telling more and more lies. Eventually there were more falsities and truths coming from his mouth and hardly anyone, professors or other students, could tell which of his claims were true. And yet everyone still admired him, especially the young ladies. There was even an incident that involved two girls fighting over him in the hallway. That one was a bit difficult to explain away, seeing as how neither of the girls were actually students of the Priory...

As Eli began to mature he realized that he was incredibly lucky and cracked down on his studies, letting the careful facade he had crafted slip. He realized that at some point people's lives could depend on him, people he cared about, and having as much knowledge as possible could make the difference between life and death. This was when Eli met Victoria, a scholar a handful of years older than himself who had just arrived at the Priory. Victoria came to look into some of the more obscure undead related knowledge that the Priory had amassed over the years. Eli and Victoria became secret lovers(he didn't want to tarnish his image after all) and delved deeply into the musty back corners of the Order's library, searching for references to a vampire that no one in the Order was familiar with.

One cold November morning Eli awoke to find Victoria gone. All traces of her being at the Priory were erased. Her rooms were cleaned, bed made, all of her things missing. Except the note. A scrap of paper that seemed to have fallen behind the desk in her quarters and Eli almost missed it even in his very thorough search. The paper had only one word written on it: Ravenloft

Try as he might, Eli could find no mention of the place nor any sign of Victoria. None of the professors seemed to know what had happened to her either. The atmosphere changed at the Priory for a few weeks following her disappearance, everyone jumping at shadows and walking quickly from class to class, but nothing ever turned up. Eventually Eli accepted that she was gone and that he was powerless to do anything about it in the Priory. He focused on completing his Chronicler training so that he could venture out into the real world with his sister Aly and their friends Enya and Nadir. Eli keeps his eyes and ears open hoping that something will turn up regarding this mysterious Ravenloft or Victoria.