Eshne Enyayazhi

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Eshne Enyayazhi


An Efreeti named Kilikikopa Zhorka Juhani came across an abandoned village with an infant girl, sitting alone in her home. The small hut was in ruin with blankets and clothes scattered, all the food was missing, and the door hung open creaking in the wind. The little girl sat silently, looking up into the Efreeti's eyes curious and unafraid. Kilikikopa Zhorka Juhani took pity on the little Ifrit and named her “Eshne Enyayazhi” meaning little fire. Enya never asked about her family during her time with the Efreeti; she doesn’t even know her own birth name.

Wandering the vast wilderness of Karmir with only her Efreeti as a companion has left her with little understanding of people. She was dropped off at the Priory of the Illumenesen at the age of ten to, as Kilikikopa explained it “live amongst mortals of your own kind again.” He promised to come back with a broad grin. He whispered “another mortal has looked into The Demon's Eye.” Enya pleaded with him to not leave her behind, but the next morning for the first time in seven years Enya was alone.

After years of waiting Enya felt abandoned and empty. With the boarding schools guidance she poured all her rage and emotions into her training. Her trainers and peers were often confused and frustrated with her lack of a “normal” personality. She has little sense of time, an unsettling acceptance of death, and she felt restless staying in one town.

As a young girl Kilikikopa told Enya that he enjoys granting wishes to selfish mortals in hopes that he can twist the wish. As a young Efreeti he wrote "The Devils Eye" an ancient volume containing powerful necromancy spells. Most importantly "The Devils Eye" contains three summoning scrolls with his name written in blood. He told her a lich named Itel Toniem, and an ancient vampire named Viktor Von Aldrich had summoned him centuries ago. When Enya pressed for what happened to them he let out a billowing laugh, but refused to tell her. There is one scroll remaining that he believes is near Rothlein. Enya suspects he left her to fulfill the last summoning, but she is afraid he was unable to escape.


Red, tan skin that is hot to the touch. She has Long braided black hair that is rarely seen. Wears ninja style black scarf, with loose brown pants and a black fitted shirt. Gold jewels hang from her clothes.