Order of the True Shard

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The Order of the True Shard is a movement among Shard-born, particularly among recent generations, which seeks to establish the superiority of Shard-born over natural Shard. As a movement, they claim that the terms 'True Shard' and 'Pure shard' belong to them, as the Shard-born combination of Shard and other races produces offspring with the best qualities of both parent races. The leaders of the order are extremely well organized, having historically remained almost completely undiscovered by the Shard for some time. While they do not currently pose any outward threat to the Shard or other races, they are know to be extremely vigilant practitioners of martial disciplines from a young age, and emphasize the study of both subversive and official tactics. There is a strong sense that the Order may be preparing for some sort of action en-mass, but no cohesive indications have been uncovered as to what that might be.

The Order is presumed to be an insignificant minority among Shard and Shard-born society, and the Shard and Shard-born maintain strong diplomatic, interpersonal, and interracial relations. Many remain suspicious, however, as the Order's true numbers are impossible to ascertain.