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I think we should name the seas and oceans. In my mind we have 4 or 5 mostly distinct bodies of water.

  • The column between Gedik/Adafaer and Meridia/Grunik. (The Akrini Ocean?)
  • The oval between Meridia, Grunik, and Karmir. (The Rediul Sea?)
  • The area south of Karmir. (The Airismaa Ocean?)
  • The waters surrounding Skyros. (The Aridaia Ocean?)
  • The arctic waters surrounding The Black Pillar Glacier. (The Bracktal Seas?)

We should for sure talk about this in the game this weekend. --Wintermute27 (talk) 10:42, 19 November 2014 (PST)

Map Edits:

  • Chandon Nath should be Chandan Nath
  • Blowing Blight should be Blowing Bight
  • Should Wundinna be Wudinna?
  • Titans' Causeway or Titan's Causeway?
  • Where did Gyldanhall come from? I can't find it in the logs anywhere?
  • Hiriseni or Heriseni?
>> Titans' Causeway was on Ben's log I believe. I think plural-possive is correct: there are many titans, and this is their causeway.
>> I placed Gildhall during the game, changed the name to Gyldanhall making the map
>> It looks like "Heriseni" on the map, but it's upside down and handwritten so...who knows?
--Whinehurst (talk) 12:48, 19 November 2014 (PST)

I'd also love for us to name some rivers, mountain ranges, and other locations across the map. For instance, I'd like the area between Culraghi and Khyargar to be known as "the Bloody Wastes" since that's where much of the war was fought against the Orcs. I'm also naming the river from Kaloma to Arasael as "Hia Cæmuliaan". We also need names for the mountin range separating the sides of Grünik as well as the large river through Gedik and Karmir's desert. And lakes, Great or otherwise.

I like Mike's Ocean names, though. --Spookyhappyfun (talk) 10:52, 19 November 2014 (PST)