Teraus's History Timeline

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Kobold time

1 - The kobold city of Chandan Nath is founded.

489 - The Grand Library of Chandan Nath is built.

495 - The Road from Chandan Nath to the Grey Pillar is constructed.

560 - Kobolds delve deeper into Divination magic.

1010 - Dwarves found the city of Dhurkot.

1013 - Humans found the city of Pobba Thri.

1016 - Nerid build The Hermitage on seaweed island.

1027 - Elven city Hunt is created near Manticore Groves.

1034 - Kobolds create city by Grey Pillar called Khar Yamaat.

1041 - Elves found the city of Choma.

1057 - Create Shokan city "Oued Zem" east of Mirror Sea.

1065 - Kobold prophet Bahlchar is born.

1072 - Ifrits found city by Ulair's Shade called Ait Ishaq.

1080 - Pixie city of Albya is founded on Blue Pillar island.

1087 - Shard city of Roykka is founded in the stormy area near Gryphon Peak.

1090 - City of Karkilla is created by the Shard.

1099 - The Human Rimpar creates the Order of the Iron Monkey in Pobba Thri. He teaches the city Law and Goodness.

1101 - Rimpar wanders in the mountains and is never seen again.

1103 - The Ifrit Ulair founds an order of bards called the Incentors.

1124 - Nerids create a city called Shoal by the Shipwright's Saw.

1028 - Human city of Woodham is created north of Pobba Thri.

1031 - Elves in Choma build a University of Magic.

1032 - The Kobold race advances in Divination.

1040 - Humans build the city of Glenelg at the river junction by the Gold Pillar.

1049 - Elves create the city of Kaloma.

1052 - Dwarves create the city of Khyargar.

1056 - Orcs found the city of Groktaar above the Mirror Sea

1060 - The city of Ait Ishaq advances in War Magic.

1069 - The Drow build closer to the surface and found the trade city of Lacuna Nox.

1085 - The Shard Ronnogh is born.

1092 - The Shard in Karkilla raise the world’s first army.

1101 - Half-Elf Eric Durson (Dovetail?) builds Arasael, “The Shining City,” around the Gold Pillar. Soon after, major trade routes to nearby cities are established and build the wealth of Arasael.

1111 - The city of Durkot advances in Steel making. Smiths in Durkot create the TrueForge. The Dwarven civilization advances in Artifice magic.

1120 - Corruption takes hold in Glenelg and Khar Yamaat.

1142 – The prophet Bahlchar out of Chandan Nath has a vision of the future and is struck blind. He creates an order called the Hooded Scribes. They are commanded to spread out into the world to seek knowledge among the other races and create peaceful relations.

1150 – The feared Dragon Mandalgov emerges from __City__, gathers an army of Orcs, and begins a war agains the Shokan of Oued Zem.

1166 - The frog folk Grippli found the city of __City__. The Drow Lineerue is born. An army is raised at Ait Ishaq. The __name__ Order is founded at Larcuna Nox.

1170 - The army in Karkilla doubles. The Ifrit and Shard treaty doesn't hold and the Karkilla Shard go to war against Ait Ishaq.

1179 - Eric Dovetail sets off on an expedition to the North to find the Black Pillar of Kobold myth.

1183 - Eric Dovetail finds the Black Pillar and creates The Black City around it like he did with Arasael. Unwilling to die of old age, he performs a dark ritual at the Black Pillar and becomes a Lich.

1199 - The Dwarf Dornod Molgo founds the city of Thau Mine.

1222 - Corruption deepens in Glenelg and Khar Yamaat. Humans advance in steam engineering.

1229 - The crooked city of Rothlein is created.

1235 - Gnolls found the city of Gnarl by the Green Pillar.

1250 - Mandalgov and the Orc army enslave the Shokan and destroy the city of Oued Zem. It lies in ruins.

1256 - The Dwarven city of Ghrekhan is founded near the Green Pillar.

1266 - Gnome found the city of Wudinna, near the Purple Pillar. An academy of __Type__ is also created near Lacuna Nox.

1275 - The Order of Stone Guard is founded by the Shard, and the army marches to Roykka to make an alliance with the Kobolds. They accept.

1300 - The Sylph city of Silverfell is founded near the Blue Pillar. The great Ifriti Ulair vanishes. The Dwarven city of Durkot advances in Clockworking.

1321 - The Antikytherians are created and establish their haven of Besht near Woodham. Khar Yamaat raises an army to threaten Chandan Nath. New Kobold city of Kartume is created on the Maknest Islands. New Dwarven city called Serpent Belly is created in the Serpent Spine mountains.