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Since the dawn of time there have existed seven Pillars spread across the world. Each Pillar exists on one of the seven major landmasses and are unmovable and indestructible, appearing to have no effect on the world around them. The Pillars, however, contain powers beyond mortal understanding, and each exert influence over the world and it's various aspects.

The first six Pillars all pentagonal in shape and are peaked at the top, while the seventh, The Black Pillar, is quadrilateral and the top is flat. Each side of each Pillar represents one of the domains that that Pillar influences.

The first six Pillars are white. They extend from deep underground far into the upper reaches of the atmosphere. The seventh Pillar, however, is pure black and appears to only extend as high as sea level. This rendered it essentially buried for a large portion of history. None have yet found a bottom to any of the Pillars as they extend far deeper than even the Underdark. Some theorize that they may extend into the center of the world itself. (?)

All Pillars are length(?) across and made of an unknown material that is found nowhere else in the world. The material that makes up the Pillars is completely indestructible and unable to be damaged through any known means, magical or otherwise.

The Pillar of Adafær

Surrounded by a naturally occurring labyrinth of quartz stone known as The Prismatic Maze, the Adafæri Pillar has influence over magic and chaos. Gnomes, from the city of Wudinna located outside the entrance to the Maze, have made a niche for themselves guiding pilgrims through the maze to the base of the Pillar.

Its aspects are Chaos, Luck, Madness, Magic, Void

Domains: Arcana

The Pillar of Gedik

Located just outside the Kobold city of Khar Yamaat, the Gedish Pillar is often associated with Knowledge, Craftsmanship, and Organization. In the early days of Khar Yamaat, the Kobolds built shrines near the base of each face of the pillar. These stone altars have since been moved and are currently housed in the Temple of Thuurn which stands near the easternmost face of the pillar. The Temple of Thuurn houses facilities designed to assist pilgrims from a variety of cultures who come to the Gedish Pillar to worship.

Its aspects are Artifice, Earth (stone), Knowledge, Law, Rune

Domains: Knowledge

The Pillar of Grünik

the Grünese Pillar in Greenfield

Its aspects are Animal, Plant, Sun, Weather

Domains: Nature

The Pillar of Karmir

Like the flame's dichotomous nature, the Karmite Pillar in Orla is both the warmth of the hearth, and the blaze of the funeral pyre. It is life and it is death; it is vibrant and it is still.

Its aspects are Death, Fire, Healing, Repose, Strength

Domains: Life

The Pillar of Meridia

the Meridian Pillar in Arasael

Its aspects are Community, Glory, Good, Nobility, Protection, and Water

Domains: Light

The Pillar of Skyros

the Skyrosan Pillar

Its aspects are Air, Charm, Liberation, Travel, Trickery

Domains: Tempest

The Black Pillar

Plunged deep within Mother Teraus, the big black pillar makes cuckolds of us all.

Its aspects are Evil, Darkness, Destruction, War

Domains: War, Death