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Mandalgov was a gold dragon who flew in to Grünik from the west at around the year 50 (**according to the Arasealian calendar**). Over time he was able to gain the respect of the Orcs and eventually became seen as their god king. Mandalgov began raising an army of his Orcish followers and, around the year *150*, marched his army to war against the nearby Shokan. Mandalgov and his Orc army managed to annihilate the Shokan army, wiped out their home city of Oued Zem, and enslaved the remains of the Shokan race.

Mandalgov relished in his dominion over the land and turned the newly enslaved Shokan into slave warriors under the command of his Orcs. Mandalgov continued to build his forces and, around *250* decided to turn his army's attention on the nearby Dwarves.

In a surprise attack, they launched an assault on Ghrekhan that reduced the growing city to ruins. This was the beginning of the Dragon War which lasted **50 years**. Elves and Humans joined their Dwarven allies in the fight that saw massive casualties on all sides.

Finally, the great Dwarven leader Dornod Mulgo created **(or discovered?)** the Orbs of Dragonkind and, after capturing one of each kind of dragon in them, was able to use their power to capture the soul of the great Mandalgov. With this victory, the dwarves and their allies were finally able to turn the tides of the war, routing the Orcish army and eventually declaring victory.

In the end, Dornod Mulgo took the Orb containing Mandalgov's soul and retreated to Svellheim to guard it the rest of his days, ensuring that the great dragon would never again threaten the world.